The company Policy Quality and Food Hygiene wants to ensure in the short, medium and long term:

  • Full customer satisfaction
  • The improved sanitary quality of its food packaging products
  • Improving its efficiency
  • Its image as a leading company in the market in which it operates
  • Production in accordance with the mandatory legislative requirements and safety requirements agreed with the

As a demonstration of the commitment to the manufacture of hygienically safe and quality products, we decided to adopt a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and standard provided by the BRCGS Packaging Materials ed. 06, and was established directly under the Management, the function of Quality Manager, giving him the authority and freedom necessary to ensure, in collaboration with all the company staff, the definition, application and updating of the Quality Management System and to report any problems so that appropriate improvements can be made.


As for food production companies, the Health Hygiene Self-control System implemented by the company is is based mainly on prevention and is divided into two important actions:

  • identification within the production process of specific hazards that may in some way contaminate food packaging products and thereby compromise their hygienic safety;
  • to provide for the most appropriate preventive and control measures to ensure the packaging intended to come into contact with food.

To this end, an interdisciplinary working group has been set up, called the “Food Safety Group”

(GSA) to ensure that the implementation of the food safety plan is effective.

This activation mainly involves:

  • the establishment of an organisation chart identifying all the functions needed to ensure that all the different activities are carried out in compliance with customer satisfaction;
  • identifying and defining procedures in order to optimise business processes;
  • the improvement of working environments in terms of health and comfort;
  • the maintenance and increase of the acquired clientele;
  • the elimination of obstructive activities to increase efficiency and reduce management costs;
  • reducing the number and cost of customer complaints;
  • ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements;
  • the pursuit of continuous improvement of the performance of the Management System.

The Directorate General is responsible for ensuring and supporting the implementation of this policy, and for verifying, with regular meetings with the GSA and in the course of planned and documented reviews of the management system, its implementation. To this end, it shall also make available the necessary resources, including promoting awareness-raising and training initiatives. Finally, all staff are called to give their contribution to the implementation of this policy, and to respond, within the scope of its competences, to the correct application of the Food Quality and Safety Management System and the achievement of the objectives set for it. This Company Policy will be made known to all staff and disseminated through the usual forms of communicating.