We are a company that for 50 years
designs and realizes through thermoforming
processes vacuum-packed film and sheet,
packaging articles in plastic and plastic
components for every need.

Thanks to our technical/ productive skills
gained directly in the field, we can meet every
type of request for thermoformed product and
produce with the same care and attention
both small series and large industrial orders.

This means quality and service for our
customers on each type of project at low cost.

“We managed to create a company that has been able to combine a constant growth, a
strong roots in the territory and a wide capacity for vision” – Bruno Bocconi

Seriplast was officially founded in 1968, but the roots of this entrepreneurial adventure can be found in the restlessness of a boy born in 1943, who lived in the 60s. He preferred to leave Italy and the few certainties he had, to go to Switzerland to seek his fortune (or perhaps freedom) and there, while he was a waiter, he began to import carillon (music boxes) from Switzerland.
Bruno Bocconi “discovered” the thermoforming system by seeing how the ‘pads’ (the plastic base on which the music boxes were fixed) were produced and discerned the wide creative possibilities of this particular production system. The first thermoforming laboratory was opened in Florence. Bruno had immediately the need to involve other people in his project, and between 1968 and 1973 he involved his old friends, Giampietro Corsini and Italo Zoppi.
With Italo’s entry, the company saw a new organizational impulse. In 1971 the company moved to Ronta, where products for the silverware, toys and Christmas goods were manufactured. In 1977, Seriplast moved again to Florence, in a larger setting. In these years Italo Zoppi, with the company van, took the employees from Ronta to Florence every day, and then drove them back to the village at the end of work. It was also established the free canteen, which was as unicum at the time for a small company. In 1985, Italo’s son Stefano joined the company.
The following year the first production plant was opened in Barberino di Mugello. The company experienced a constant and linear growth that, however, was put to the test in 1990 by the untimely death of Italo. Thanks to the experience gained working alongside his father, Stefano Zoppi was able to take over the role and to follow the reunification of the entire production part of the company in Barberino. In 1997 also Bruno’s son, Lorenzo, joined Seriplast, consolidating its corporate structure: Stefano Zoppi, head of purchasing, work planning, personnel, Lorenzo Bocconi commercial manager. Today’s history is that of a company that, from Mugello, manages to dialogue with the world. The most well-known customers are Fca (Fiat, Chrysler Automotive), Continental, Gucci, Fila, Manetti & Roberts, Colgate Palmolive, and many more.
In 2014, a new production unit was opened in Brazil, Smartpack Ltd. Here a support service is carried out with the production of specific packaging for the automotive industry. At the same time, the Mugello production site has been the subject of important redevelopment works, with the creation of new production spaces. In 2017, a new unit of about 3,000 square meters was acquired and renovated, providing it with photovoltaic panels and a thermoregulation system for eco-sustainable environments.
This is where the new Seriplast Food division, dedicated to the production of trays and other products specific to the food industry, has been installed and has obtained the BRC certification (a global standard specific for the safety of food products) demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to safety and quality with the rules governing the agri-food sector.
Nowadays, Seriplast carries out its activities on an area of 7,500 square meters covered over yards, with 14 active production lines and 25 employees.
And thinking that in the end, it was all the fault of a music box…